My name is Joanna I am designing extraordinary experiences.
This is my personal website
Its main purpose is to show you the way I think and solve design challenges

NOTE: this website is not updated since 2018. 

This was a year when I’ve founded 

If you wish to find out more about my current projects, please do not hesitate & follow radicalzz online




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The Maker Movement is driven by engineers, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and innovators.

We are combining advantages of modern technology and convenience with culture of innovation.

New technologies give me opportunity to create digital products in a way that were previously unimaginable. It’s about breaking the rules, disrupting the old way of thinking
and reaching out for new horizons.

Check my latest interview in Make Magazine for a Maker spotlight series

With the projects passing by my hands I’ve indicated my own process dedicated for makers.
It contains 3 steps and as the same like in Design Thinking methodology it can be iterated endlessly,
until satisfied project goal will be achieved

Draft model based on customer/end user feedback

Initial launch of validated and improved prototype

Releases of new features and functions driven by consumer feedback

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The best thing about User Centered Design is its dynamic nature; it never stays still.

Furthermore it incorporates so many different disciplines – hardware and software engineering, ergonomics, psychology, sociology, linguistics and computer science.

That’s why I implement UCD rules in all of my projects.

Understand users needs

Interfaces easy to learn

Prototype and evaluate

Listen to users feedback

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In this section you can find selected extracts from my portfolio.
These examples present full spectrum of my approach to the design challenges.
Should you wish to see my entire work portfolio, please contact me via email

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Those tutorial are example of my author’s project I deliver for Deloitte Digital.
Together wit my friend – karol Kisiel we made a series of tutorial that’s main purpose is to familiar people with maker movement.
My mission is to pay people attention into this movement, show them how easy it’s reachable and encourage to use our creative potential, driven by technological innovation.

Each episode is accompanied with comprehensive instruction and GitHub code library so everybody has possibility to recreate device presented in video.

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Workshops provide ideal platform for creating business strategy for our customers including analysis of customer needs and identification of business goals.

In addition they provide fun and social open environment for educating younger audience.

I have been designing and conducting workshops, where young people can develop 21stcentury skills and build creative projects using digital technology.

My career path

2016 – 2017
Digital Consultant

2016 – 2015

UX Designer

UX Designer / Junior Digital Strategist

2013 – 2014

Junior Digital Consultant

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Tools that I’ve mastered

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